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Jen's Custom Creations

We are a family of artists!

Mom designs and creates the jewelry.  John, youngest brother, designs and creates the fused glass art.  Jen, sister, does the sewing and business end of things.

If you see something that you would like just a little different, feel free to contact us.

We are always willing to design custom items.

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Fused Glass

John designs and creates the glass art using fused glass techniques.  He loves making custom, unique art for others. 

Handmade Jewelry

Becky creates bracelet, earrings, and bookmarks using a variety of beads and metals.  

Custom Bird Houses

Becky, Amy, and Jen create a variety of different themed bird houses.

Handmade Bags

Jen sews the bags using a variety of different materials.  She can make them with or without a zipper pocket.  They can be made as a back bag or a simple drawstring bag.

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